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I’m moving fast, but before going any further… pls help guide my path by sharing your perspective in a survey. As a token of gratitude, all who participate will receive new KRÜG stickers from my collection.

Hey there, amazing humans,

If you've been keeping up with me, you know I've just wrapped up my first week at the Google News Initiative Pre-Launch Lab. I'm buzzing with ideas, opportunities, and oh-so-many questions! I’m moving fast, but before going any further… pls help guide my path. 🖤❤️🔥✊🏴

So here's the deal. I've put together a quick survey. It's so much more than ticking boxes; it's your ticket to shape the KK universe. What would make you tune in, engage, or even fly to Vancouver to participate in events? Please tell me…

 🍒The Cherry on Top: To show my gratitude for your invaluable insights, I'll send each a couple rad lil MÖTLEYKRÜG stickers as a token of my appreciation!

I'm launching MÖTLEYKRÜG Media, and it's gearing up to be something pretty darn special.

Is it a journalism project? Is it a media company? Well, considering that we're looking at everything from photography to podcasts, vlogs, workshops, events let's just call it an indie media project for now, shall we?

My ambitious new independent media company project encompasses:

  • Event Photography and Videography: Providing photography, videography, and social media services for events, conferences, and workshops.

  • An Annual Conference: Organizing a yearly gathering of media pioneers and community leaders.

  • Mentorship Programs: Launching photography and film mentorship workshops for diverse youth and community creators.

  • Online Courses: Curating a series of courses on multimedia storytelling, marketing, and tech tools.

  • Community Excursions & Meetups: Hosting in-person media-making adventures to document underrepresented communities.

Thank you, from the bottom of my cyberpunk heart, for being part of this journey. Your voice matters, and I can't wait to build something extraordinary—together.

With all my tech-artsy, quasi-sage love,
Kris Krüg

PS. A few people report broken GOLDEN TICKET link in the invite to my Discord. I’ve fixed it this link works (expires in 3 days for security): 

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