Resisting the AI Mind-Meld

20 Ways to Mindfully Engage with AI's Influence

Hi folks!

Kris here, checking in after an introspective weekend in California helping prepare the Future in review conference that kicks off today. I want to share a couple posts and explore some personal philosophies and practices I’ve been finding helpful.

The first outlines 20 Ways to Resist AI's Mind Enslavement - provocative title, I know! But it highlights ethical, mindful ways we can relate to emerging tech, from digital minimalism to supporting open-source projects. I don't necessarily view AI as "enslaving", but do think critically engaging with it is vital.

The other idea I’m exited to share is a prayer that was give to me this summer called "Most Benevolent Outcomes" - setting intentions each day for the highest good and most positive outcome in any situation. Whether it's your morning coffee or making AI more harmonious, articulating desires can be powerful! I share how I use this in my own life and some of the prayers I say each morning.

Would love your thoughts on either piece! And if you want to continue the discussion, join my Friends of Krug Discord server using this invite link. It's a space to connect on topics like AI, tech, creativity and more.


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