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AI’s True Threats: Corporate Control, Centralization of Power, and Cultural Adaptation

How do we encourage creativity while protecting ownership in the age of generative AI? I explore this tension through the lens of an insightful documentary.

Hello friends,

I'm writing with an exciting update on the direction of my work. I've decided to transition my blog into a more active newsletter format. While I've love writing in-depth articles, I want to build stronger connections with all of you through more frequent, personal updates.

My aim is to share ideas, experiences and insights that inspire us to stay curious, compassionate and engaged with the changes happening in media and technology.

To kick things off, I wanted to share two recent posts that I think capture the spirit of my work going forward. The first looks at how generative AI is challenging traditional notions of copyright and ownership, in light of the excellent documentary RIP: A Remix Manifesto by Brett Gaylor:

The second examines the less-discussed risks of corporate control and cultural adaptation as AI advances:

I find this a pivotal time to be questioning the values embedded in emerging technologies, and fostering more democratic participation. But I can't do it alone. Many of you generously took the time to respond to two surveys I published recently, providing your insights on my work. I'm inspired by your thoughtful feedback, and will be spending this week synthesizing key takeaways to help shape my plans.

For those who haven't yet responded, I want to extend the opportunity again now. No perspective is too small - your voice matters. You can find the surveys here:

My goal is for the Discord to continue to be an open forum for all of us to share, discuss and imagine together. We're navigating enormous change; but with care, creativity and community, I believe we can guide innovation towards empowering ends.

If you have any ideas, feedback or just want to connect, my inbox is always open. This is just the start of a conversation I hope continues for years to come. Thank you for being part of this journey with me.

With gratitude,

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